OBI's First class in 1990, on top of Mount Lembu, Jatiluhur

Outward Bound was first introduced in Indonesia by Djoko Kusumowidagdo, MBA and Elly Tjahja in 1990. They had a vision to help alleviate the multi-dimensions of problems that Indonesia was facing at the time, ie. Poverty, lack of education and disorderly systems.

They were aware that a big part of the problem lied upon the people. People were lacking fighting spirit, self-discipline, confidence and compassion. Djoko and Elly aspired to break the mold and help people discover their potentials so they may achieve the best that they can be. Furthermore, Djoko and Elly wanted to help develop people to become more conscious, but beyond that compassionate for the world around them and responsible for their own actions.

They heard about the Outward Bound movement in late 80s and quickly made contact with Outward Bound Trust UK. Outward Bound Indonesia was given our license in 1990, after being reviewed and passing the Safety and Program protocols. [Outward Bound Trademark].

The first couple of years were trying years for Djoko and Elly in introducing Outward Bound methodology to Indonesians, to whom the name and even the concept of outdoor education were entirely alien. It was common that many mistaken Outward Bound for an Army drill or Boy Scout because those institutions were the closest thing to outdoor schooling then. However, with persistence and perseverance, not only were Djoko and Elly successful in their endeavors in bringing an outdoor training concept to Indonesia but pioneered a groundbreaking experiential training and learning model for thousands of Indonesians.

Outward Bound Indonesia has always been inspired by the motto “To Serve, To Strive and Not to Yield” in our operations. We commit to exercise and teach it to all our participants so that they too will go out in their endeavors and be proactively involved in creating a better world.

Today, Outward Bound Indonesia has become a highly regarded Experiential Learning Institution in Indonesia that inspires positive change, attitude, confidence, teamwork, leadership, innovation, and compassion in people.


Outward Bound Indonesia is the leader of Experiential Learning Institution in Indonesia

Outward Bound Indonesia develops people of all ages and walks of life through challenges in unfamiliar environments and endeavors to:
1. Inspire self-discovery and self-development
2. Live passionately!
3. Serve the community and protect the environment
4. Ignite innovation


Aberdovey, UK, 1941

Dr. Kurt Hahn Founder Outward Bound 1941

Outward Bound is an educational concept put forth in 1941 by Dr. Kurt Hahn, a progressive German educator who believed that everyone had within themselves the potential to achieve heights and measures they were unaware of. Dr. Kurt Hahn discovered what is to become a revolutionary educational method that exposes the students into environments that’s outside their comfort zone. He believed that unfamiliarity would impel students to capitalize on their skills, senses and potentials when faced with challenges.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” – Confucius

What’s unique about this method is that throughout the learning process students will discover their potential they were unaware of before. Furthermore the students will exercise all their senses. Not only do they learn to listen or observe, but importantly they learn to do. As a result, the learnings will fuse together the essence of their life and stay permanently. This method of learning is called experiential learning or learning by doing. The first Outward Bound school was established in Aberdovey, UK.

Outward Bound is a nautical term for a ship’s departure from the certainties of the harbor, out to the boundless ocean. Outward Bound’s founding mission was to give young seamen the ability to survive harsh conditions at sea by teaching confidence and tenacity. In the same vein, when one leaves his/her comfort zone (home, friends, family, workplace, etc) to venture into unfamiliar places and challenges, one is deemed “Outward Bound”.

“A ship is safe in harbour, but that is not what ships are built for”
– William Shedd

Worldwide, Today

After over 65 years Outward Bound has remained relevant in today’s ever-changing world, expanding in more than 30 countries around the globe. Its mission is no longer pertinent for seamen but all people from all ages and walks of life. Outward Bound is the largest organization in the world that thrives in people development. With Outward Bound’s motto “To Serve. To Strive, and Not to Yield” our objective anchors upon the improvement of one’s self-concept, the skills to adapt to an ever-changing environment, development of positive attitude, compassion and awareness of social responsibility.

“To Serve, To Strive and Not to Yield”

All Outward Bound courses and programs are based on six core values:

1. Character Development
Developing capacities of mind, body and spirit to better understand one’s responsibilities to self, others and community. Key areas of development are:
– Self-knowledge
– Craftsmanship
– Tenacity
– Physical fitness
– Teamwork
– Leadership
– Self-Reliance
– Courage
– Acceptance of Responsibility
– Ability to transcend self-imposed limits

2. Adventure and Challenge
Action that requires special effort. Exciting and remarkable experiences that involve uncertain outcomes and acceptable risks.

3. Learning Through Experience
An educational process based on action and reflection. Experiences are intentionally designed, presented and reflected upon so as to instill values and promote skill mastery.

4. Compassion and Service
An active expression of the value we place on our common humanity, our diversity and the natural world. A heartfelt caring connection to each other and the world around us. Compassionate behaviors and a service ethic that encompass both giving and receiving.

5. Social and Environmental Responsibility
Instilling in participants a sense of integrity that results in choices and actions that have a positive impact on society and the environment.

“At Outward Bound, Student Safety is Our Top Priority”

Outward Bound Safety Standards
Outward Bound Indonesia is the sole proprietor of Outward Bound International’s Safety Standards in the country. Our goals are always focused on participants, not only to deliver high-quality programs, but also to ensure the highest safety practices for them. As the leading adventure-based education program in the world, Outward Bound persistently develops and refines risk management and program procedures, aimed to reduce the probability of accidents and incidents worldwide. This has resulted in an unparalleled safety record in the outdoor education industry.

Comprehensive Program Review
Part of the risk management procedures is a bi-annum Program Review conducted by Outward Bound International at each school around the world. Outward Bound Indonesia participates in the Program Review process that includes examination of program delivery, facilities, food and equipment, etc. In addition, we have an accident and incident reporting system, designed to track trends and minimize future incidents. Our policies and procedures are specific to the environment and activities in Indonesia. These policies and procedures are analyzed by external reviewers during the bi-annum Program Review and reported to Outward Bound International.

Medical Screening
Safety and the wellbeing of our participants during a course are our number one priority. Therefore every participant must undergo a pre-medical screening process to identify any dietary specifics or medical problems that could be aggravated by a particular type of food or course.

Staff Safety Training
Outward Bound Indonesia ensures the highest of our staff’s knowledge and skills needed for our environment and program. Our staff members at all levels are committed to participants’ safety by their words, actions and values. Our instructors are all certified as First Aid Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians or equivalent, as we continually train them for other soft and hard skills.

Despite the great volume and rigorousness of activities, Outward Bound Indonesia retains an excellent safety record. We maintain standards that reflect prudence, reasonable conduct and a commitment to the well-being of our participants.


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