OBI Eco Campus

For Outward Bound Indonesia, 2011 has commenced with a big bang. Our highly-anticipated new center in West Java, OBI Eco Campus has completed its first phase. OBI Eco Campus is the first environmentally sustainable Campus for Character Development in Indonesia. OBI co-founders Djoko Kusumowidagdo and Elly Tjahja spearheaded the OBI Eco Campus vision. The green campus serves as a character educational facility for individuals and organizations by providing Outward Bound character development-focused courses, as well as environment-centric programs. OBI staying true to our principle will continue to deliver training courses using Experiential Learning through Challenge and Adventure to develop personal strength, leadership as well as team synergy. The new campus also intends to become an agent of change and help the Nation become more environment-conscious. We will provide short and practical eco-programs for people at large, such as compost-making, agriculture, recycling projects, etc.

Mr. Sarwono Kusumaatmadja, former Minister of Environment and Patron of OBI stated, “OBI Eco Campus is a vanguard project for the Nation’s character education. It will set the bar high as a comprehensive character development agent that will spark a deep sense of compassion and concern for humanity and the environment.”

Buildings completed on the first phase, comprised of a large ballroom named “The Great Hall”, multi height-challenge Tower, office, tree houses for accommodation, shelters for debriefing sessions are all constructed out of bamboo. Guests and training participants will experience a truly unique eco-friendly atmosphere.

Eco-friendly Project in A Stunning Location
The green campus sprawls on a four-hectare naturally lush land in Jatiluhur*, West Java, on the banks of the Jatiluhur lake that overlooks the picturesque surrounding mountains. The main components of 90% of the buildings are bamboo, wood and natural stone, and all the roofs are thatched. The campus makes use of the many large trees that are already there to keep it shady and cool. We relocated as many trees as possible if they are in the way when the buildings were being constructed, or where possible incorporated them in to the buildings themselves. The bamboos were acquired from nearby areas to reduce energy for transporting the material. From the outset, we are making every effort to make the campus as environmentally friendly as possible. OBI Eco Campus is the extension of OBI’s existing Jatiluhur, West Java Center, while our other campus is located in Payangan, Ubud Bali.

“The Great Hall” and office building were designed by a young ITB lecturer who is completing his doctoral degree in bamboo architecture. The Master plan was designed by an Indonesian Harvard graduate master planner and architect, while the finishings such as interior walls and partitions were hand-crafted by local bamboo handcrafters.

The Magnificent Bamboo Buildings
“The Great Hall” is a magnificent pillar less structure, built with superior craftsmanship, using more than 8000 bamboos and over 1000 m2 of natural stone flooring. It offers 800 people* capacity. The hall is semi-open, provided no doors and only outer columns supporting the oval-shaped building, offering ample air flow inside. Its 17-meter high dome-shaped ceiling is adorned with a unique 24m2 skylight in a shape of a ring, giving the space plenty of natural sun light during the day.

The skylight also provides a spectacular light spectrum as it reflects on the ground. The intricate Great Hall serves as a multi-function ballroom, with mezzanine floor around the perimeter, expanding the space and granting a different perspective of the ornate building.

The Tree Houses serve as a simple yet elegant back-to-nature accommodation for our guests and participants. The entire constructions are made of renewable material, comprised of bamboo constructions, wicker door, partitions and walls, thatched roofs and flattened bamboo flooring. The tree house is surrounded by windows to give plenty of air circulation. Each building was designed with a loft interior and is elevated 2.5 meters above ground, under which provides an entire space called Shelters for briefing and debriefing sessions. The capacity of each tree house and shelter is 14 people.

The 3-storey bamboo Office building is comprised of elaborate bamboo structure and interior, wood floor, thatched roof, cathedral ceiling and floor-to-ceiling glass  that  encases  the building’s  façade.

Avant-Garde Outward Bound Facility
OBI is pioneering the very first multi height-challenge Tower in Indonesia, reaching heights of 15 meters. The Tower presents multi-purpose walls for various height activities, including individual challenges as well as team challenges. This avant-garde activity Tower imposes a multi-dimension of adventures, good for individual development such as self-confidence, self-empowerment and also team development such as team work, trust and communication.

OBI Eco Campus that opens in the beginning of 2011 has been an enormous but personal and meaningful process. We hope that OBI Eco Campus can be a breakthrough for Character development for the Nation. On behalf of Outward Bound Indonesia Staff and Management, we welcome you to our new home. Selamat Datang!


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