Turning Disability Into Achievement


What is “Turning Disability Into Achievement”?

Graphic1blog“Turning Disability Into Achievement” project is a scholarship program initiated by Outward Bound Indonesia to give people with physical disabilities a second chance at Life. This is an annual scholarship program OBI has been giving to the blind, deaf and mute, and the physically disabled of Yayasan Laetita for almost 2 decades. The goal of the programs is to empower them, restore their confidence, turn hopelessness into hopefulness and essentially give them a second chance at life.

Who are we helping? 

Graphic3blogWe give these scholarship programs to the blind, the deaf & mute and the physically disabled, men and women alike, who are in their productive years. They are gathered under the Yayasan Laetitia’s umbrella whose mission is to give empowerment to those with disabilities.

Our Success Stories 

Graphic2blogWe are proud and privileged to have been able to help hundreds of marginalized people to overcome their disabilities through Outward Bound programs. So many of them had lost hope and given up on their lives because of shame and despair due to their disabilities. The program is able to shed light and impart with them tools to bounce back up into a meaningful life.

They need YOUR help!

The Outward Bound empowerment program this year will be held from 24 to 27 July 2013 at the OBI Eco Campus location in Jatiluhur, West Java. They need your helping hand and we need your support. Get involved!

Make a Bigger Impact!

Graphic4blogYou have the power to make an impact on these people’s lives. Please join us in helping them. Learn about how your Organization/Company can do some good for the community, be involved and Be a Corporate Sponsor (proposal)

For inquiries about this project and how you can sponsor as an Organization or individually:  info@outwardboundindo.org


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